Ruby Salt Egret EP

by Miloflak Sisters

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released April 30, 2014

Thomas Ostie - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Silver - Guitar, Production
Mason Rogers - Bass Guitar




Miloflak Sisters Toms River, New Jersey

The music between Thomas Ostie and Eric Silver. FOR SISTERS ONLY

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Track Name: Harantulawk
Take me uptown, shoot me a cloud, a hole in the sky is left there now.
Proof of purpose, pointless placement, it doesn't change a thing for us.
C'mon, did you really think this was gonna be something more than this?
Childish tendency.
Don't be a stupid kid, it's not the best habit; don't cry in front of them.
Premature identity.
Violent ambuscade, romantic brevity, false intentions I never wanted.
Counter-intuitive pattern of action, but she's satisfied: sir or madam.
Track Name: Spider Milk
On a visit to the forum, I smelled something like evil,
and there was a man, who bought the tears of people;
was it really that bad, or even illegal?
Displacing sadness, building cathedrals. Praying heavy, pretend someone's watching.
Talk to me, talk to me, let's go back.
They say not in a million, but I only need a minute.
Track Name: Paper Tigers
Strung out on a limb, teetering like a leaf in the wind.
You taste like home but you're just a phase.
Coming down, gentle as mother's hands, she let's you out-shuts the door as soon as she can.
Can't decide if only for memory's sake.
What's gone is gone, recapturing lost cause,
the air like a saw, we know what's wrong,
the sight too strong, to care much at all,
breaking and entering, criminals do no wrong.
We sign a mark for a contest of thieves, losers, I bet, always forget to breathe, they sew their failures onto a skin sheath, we know what's wrong; it's the bait that talked.